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nikon z9
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what makes photography a strange invention is that its primary raw materials are light and time

- john berger

it all started out with a canon a1 film camera, quickly progressing to a sony digital camera (TIFF). with the advent of the raw picture format, this certified the future and viability of digital photography. early adopter of apple aperture (was an amazing program) and eventually witnessed the take over with adobe lightroom. rocked the canon 40d, 5d mark ii, mark iv with a plethora of l lenses. canon was the brand for many decades, they forced a hand. converted to nikon with the birth of mirrorless cameras and a huge leap of faith. amazed by the beauty and rendering of the nikkor s lens line glass, canon l glass was a high standard.


nikon +

nikon z9
  • this is a beast of a camera and thenohero certifed workhorse. tried, beat and tested, this is a great flagship. nikon has done an amazing job of firmware updates that continually evolve and refresh the camera
nikkor s line
  • absolutely love the nikon nikkor s lens line - truly exceptional glass. being a long time canon l lens card-carrying-advocate, extremely pleased with nikon and its optical engineering accomplishments. all-in
  • can not fight it, they are the best in digital publishing goods and software. adobe lightroom and photoshop for the 1-2 win. dreamweaver, illustrator, premiere, after effects for the truly insane
  • indoctrinated by apple, yet mac computers with apple silicon are something else. try to follow the 4 year life cycle for apple products. hard to leave when everything always works



20mm z f/1.8 nikkor s lens

35mm z f/1.8 nikkor s lens

50mm z f/1.8 nikkor s lens

85mm z f/1.8 nikkor s lens

85mm z f/1.2 nikkor s lens

135mm z f/1.8 nikkor s lens (soon)


14-30mm z f/4 nikkor s lens

14-24mm z f/2.8 nikkor s lens

24-120mm z f/4 nikkor s lens

70-200mm z f/2.8 nikkor s lens


8-15mm af-s f/3.5-4.5e fish eye nikkor ed lens

105mm z f/2.8 mc nikkor vr s lens

105mm af-s f/1.4e nikkor ed lens

100-400mm z f/4.5-5.6 nikkor vr s lens

400mm z f/4.5 nikkor s lens